Left alone, with our own strength, abilities and experience, far from civilisation in one of the farthest places from civilisation. The  only company that we have are the bears, wolves and mooses and other such inhabitants of the deep woods. The only clear goal that runs through our heads – to survive! All this of course with the help of our traditional and historical style, crafted by us and our woodland companions as in the days of old as the trappers and true forest people did. Our journeys seem both unusual and removed from  everyday life, considered by many to be an undertaking bordering on being a true adventure. Everything plays out on authentically wild lands, lands of the forest people and trappers of old who in those wonderful times thrived on a raw lifestyle in those very beautiful and frosty lands.


The far north of Europe; here, thoughts slow down unquestionably. Reindeer, magnetizing auroras and raw nature. These are the conditions that this enormous land is situated in, the history of which could fill a large library – a land that covers as much as 380 square kilometres, extending to Finland, Norway, Sweden and Russia.

Surrounded by this wild and untouched by human hand nature – without the rush and commotion of the civilized world – one thinks and feels differently. You start to live (and it’s not a cliche) … in harmony with nature. There is a wild, mysterious charm here that can both fascinate and terrify. It can give you freedom, but at the same time enslave you with its strength. In a way, it is a mystical place that changes you profoundly. A metamorphosis that has been accompanied by mysterious folk for centuries.

It is they who were the first in Scandinavia; it is they who were forced to the far north by the Vikings. They moved around with their reindeer – just like nomads do – from place to place, fishing and hunting. All that time they lived closely with the unpredictable northern nature and, interestingly enough, they came up with stunning two hundred names for snow. They lived in a place where the temperature often reaches minus thirty degrees Celsius, and because of this, they were extremely hardy. These people of the snow are as powerful as the nature around them to this day – they talk to ghosts and can curse their enemies.

Having a bestiary explaining everything that happens around them, folklore is an inseparable part of everyday life – for example, when something dies, a spirit is to be blamed for it. If something goes wrong, it is also the fault of one of the similar creatures. Joik can be heard here; a rhythmical, primal singing with a magical tone, which is a form of connection with all that is natural; it is a kind of a shamanic prayer. A pure mixture of pragmatism and spirituality. Welcome to Sápmi – the land of the Saami, a place out of this world.

PATRONITE – IT’S US AND YOU! Your support changes a lot! Why? Because in our travel business we value independence and freedom; without rigid vertical hierarchies, without entities deciding and setting their own conditions. This independence is provided by loyal observers, namely you. In full of faith we call this a “WIN-WIN” situation, where two winning parties take part. WE, who can travel as we wish and share with you everything that appears on our trapper’s path, and YOU, who can benefit from all the knowledge, tips and curiosities in the area of our expedition. But most of all – YOU can participate in it too! That is why we decide to use Patronite… but not only because of that. Keep in mind that in travel videos you usually see only breathtaking views and happy people. Few people realize, however, the hardships of life of a passionate creator-vagabondist; a traveler without a permanent address, sometimes hungry, without family and friends at his side, and without normal relationships. Yes: not everyone can live like this, but we want to show you that you can take advantage of these moments and live life to the fullest – despite temporary crises! We will show you this reality without coloration, in the belief that this reality will defend itself. Patronite is also an agreement between us and you, that – with a necessary dose of security and stability – we will be able to continue to create films for you, to describe you our adventures and to spread the idea of simple and true life; in nature, in permanent connection with the source. The idea of living beyond the reach of civilization’s pressure of whims, sneakily pretending to be needs. We are incredibly grateful for the trust you have placed in us – it is thanks to your support that we can continue to do what we love and believe in, while at the same time giving others space for self-realization, and showing you a different, wonderful world…


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Thomas Paterski to the studio Radio Three

Radio Three of the Polish Radio welcomes Thomas Paterski to the studio. Hello dear readers. Whoever follows the activities of Leśne Rzemiosło , could listen to me on August 5, 2018 on Trójka - Program 3 of the National Polish Radio. In the series "Drozd's Eye's View...

Personal Compass – interview with Thomas Paterski

Thomas Paterski - Leśne Rzemiosło. "Thomas Paterski. Traveler, artisan and survival instructor. He is connected the craft of trapping on a daily basis, he makes his own equipment for his trips to the northern areas of the taiga. He is the organiser of many expeditions...


Handmade equipment for forest people – this is my specialty. When creating my things I rarely used the conveniences of modern civilisation so that in the process of making them and when shaping them, to better acquaint myself with the techniques of those very days. Thanks to this, all the elements in my possession are unrepeatable and unique. The tried and tested solutions from previous voyages have immortalised this equipment and the top-notch quality of these top-notch materials from which they were made.


Thanks to my passion to bushcraft and travel, a few years of history under logo of Leśne Rzemiosło, over a thousand kilometers were travelled over dozens of countries. All this on foot, on horseback and by canoe or even by dog sled. Leśne Rzemiosło isn’t just about outings, it’s about educating and infecting others with the craft of forest life in the broadest sense.






The History of Leśne Rzemiosło began in 2014 when, somewhere deep in the woods, i met a group of camp-living enthusiasts. It was in a Polish Forest, smelling of sap and the fragrance of autumn rain.  This unique atmosphere, with mystical might and the campfire light, so to as the passion emitted by each of them, all this became the cornerstone of this new and exciting project. My own unique catalyst was the situation itself which thrived in the touristy atmosphere. It only needed a few years for the equipment market to come across artificial materials, which by itself isolated us from the spirit of nature and gave us a feeling that if it is not war against her that we are waging, we are struggling against her because when we use old equipment, traditionally and classically styled and made by hand from natural materials, you feel the oneness with the surrounding nature. This matter of order led me to create a please for the real people of the forest – adventurers, ethnographers, history buffs and of course, for the artisans and handicrafters alike.

This was a place where we could share our knowledge and write about our craft and present our products as well as sell them in a company store. During this time, I led a team of about twenty people while also doing video productions for Leśne Rzemiosło, reader’s digest and doing training sessions and even organising numerous expeditions and nationwide gatherings promoting traditional camping. My project was at the time a very big Polish prototype through which all broad knowledge would pass, from nature to ethnography, traditional craft, both short term and long term adventures, on horseback and finishing them by canoe trip and building log cabins. As the old trappers and forest people once touched the brevity of time, so did Leśne Rzemiosło with its reach, consistently transforming the project into a classical archaic work. Leśne Rzemiosło became a time machine of it’s own of the days of yorn in which the forest people could spend time in nature. Romantic, although often severe and demanding; teaching humility to the nature around them. Like a time-machine in which most of the equipment and clothing was made by hand, today, most of the equipment I use during my expeditions – as before – has its source in my workshop and is made entirely by me. Whatever you can read or find here, however, has its roots in the tarnished pages of history.


My name is Thomas Paterski. I was born in Eastern Europe and I am of Polish roots, but I have the spirit of the far north. I studied Inland Fishing Methods. I am the originator and CEO of the Leśne Rzemiosło project, revealing the secrets of forest camping and the history related to the fur trade. Since high school, I have been a scout leader and a survival instructor at the same time. In addition to fishing and being a trapper, I also deal with hunting, leathercraft and carpentry. I have the necessary experience and knowledge of building log cabins that I have gained from observations and my own experience; I am also no stranger to working with sledge dogs and horses. Because of my love for being a traveler and unwillingness to live in the so-called civilized world, I lived on the northern route, living like the trappers of the old days, along with Nanook and Wydra. I devoted myself entirely to distant journeys into uninhabited areas of the taiga, thus exploring the practice of everyday life in the wilderness as a traveller, trapper, guide and forest camping instructor.


Nanook is the youngest member of the team. He is a dog of the Akita Inu breed – a spitz originally meant for hunting animals like boars, deer and black bears. They also are specialized in hauling heavy loads and guarding. Nanook’s ancestors came to Japan with the first wave of settlers around 15,000 B.C. They were animals of the peat dog type, popularized in the Neolithic period. According to the Inuit, Nanook is a half polar bear and half-human. Hunters worshipped this mythical creature, deeply believing that it is the being that decides whether fishing or hunting would result in success or a disgraceful defeat. As befits an Akita, Nanook is not only hardy and enduring but also intelligent, stubborn and independent, endowed with a passion for hunting. He is particularly interested in all kinds of dens and burrows full of the scent of wild animals, into which he sticks his black nose with great passion. Despite his tough character, he sometimes likes to come to me for a bit of stroking and distraction. Every day, Nanook, along with Wydra, helps me in my life on the trail, bringing to the team every talent nature has given him – guarding, defending and tracking, as well as being a dog-team leader.  


Wydra – or the Otter is a boat for two people, hand-crafted with a love and passion for traditional canoes. It is made almost entirely of Canadian cedar, and its hand-woven raffia benches make travelling incredibly comfortable. According to the Native American Indians, Otter is a cheerful and carefree rogue. From an early age, it is difficult to look after him or keep him in check, as he will always find a way to get out of the control of his guardian. This is because he wants everything done his way, looking to correct and change everything; it must be admitted, however, that his observations are usually accurate. He is active, eager to play, has no problems with making new contacts and immediately gains the sympathy of his companions. On the other hand, Wydra‘s cheeky nature is not always well received – especially when he gives his passengers an unexpected dip in icy water. In the past, boats of this type made a huge contribution to the exploration and conquest of Canada’s wilderness by European trappers; because they made it easier to navigate the area rich in rivers and lakes. Every day, Wydra helps me and Nanook travel through the wilderness, as did his ancestors during the fur trade.

On every side was the silence, pressing upon them with a tangible presence. It affected their minds as the many atmospheres of deep water affect the body of the diver. It crushed them with the weight of unending vastness and unalterable decree. It crushed them into the remotest recesses of their own minds, pressing out of them, like juices from the grape, all the false ardors and exaltations and undue self-values of the human soul, until they perceived themselves finite and small, specks and motes, moving with weak cunning and little wisdom amidst the play and interplay of the great blind elements and forces.

Jack London – White Fang


Unusual and out of the ordinary trips, small and large – with equipment designed mainly by themselves. These are also educational projects centered around the art of traditional camping, for families and enthusiasts of forest life and also training programs for professionals. I invite you to get to know my original portfolio.

SámiiLand expedition 2021
Sweden – Norway – Finland – Russia

A Year in a Trapper’s Cabin
Poland – Sweden – Canada


Our mission remains unchanged: not to disappoint you, dear fans of traditional camping, in presenting an alternative way of spending time in the woods. Alternative, as it is done without smartphones, modern materials and other ultra-light solutions. Today, by spreading the idea of fascination with the history of the fur trade, the indigenous peoples of the far north, pioneers and original people of the forest, we also introduce you to the incredible years of the past and show the culture of the original peoples living in the north. Just for you, we are covering our trips au courant, starting with the preparations, through the whole duration of the expeditions, to the events that will occur after their end. We will be publishing video reports twice a week that you can find on our YouTube channel. From them, you will be able to learn about the course of the expedition and listen to interviews that we will be doing with our guests. In addition to uploading videos to our YouTube channel, we are very active on our fan page on Facebook. It is where we share pages of the travel journals on an ongoing basis. At the same time, we are publishing amazing photos from equally amazing trips on our Instagram account. As you enter our world, you will be able to see, touch and taste a striking feeling of travelling in time! Are you ready?